AMX Turbo PPG Indy Car World Series Pace Car 1981

AMX Turbo PPG Indy Car World Series Pace Car 1981 Number 1 of 1

1981 American Motors Corporation AMX Turbo PPG Indy Car World Series Pace Car with only 4,069 original miles! This exclusive, one of a kind, AMX Turbo appeared throughout the US in 1981 as one of the five official pace cars for this 14 race series.

The AMX Turbo made its debut as the official pace car for the Milwaukee 150 on June 7th, 1981! PPG Industries funded the cars 1n 1981 to help create one pace car for each of the major American car companies. They developed free hand, a concept vehicles based on existing production models.

This allowed each American automaker to showcase a high performance vehicle. This actual car is for sale was the pace car built for AMC and later owned by AMC Vice President of Design, Richard Teague as well! He began this special task by selecting a Spirit as the base vehicle.

The body has a more aerodynamic efficient, fiberglass shell. Autodynamics out of Troy, Michigan built the car. It included a unique ram air induction system designed into the rear quarter panel, and a integrated rear deck spoiler. The new interior to include new front bucket seats and a special roll bar and cage.

Teague next took a docile 258 CID 6 Cylinder power plant and turned it into a monster! The engine uses an exhaust driven turbocharger built by Turbo Systems with a Porsche fuel injection system. This one off car now produced 450 HP! This car measures 164 inches long and 72 inches wide with a wheelbase of 96 inches!

If you are looking for a unique piece of AMC/AMX history look no further. There was only one car built for this project and here it is! Car comes with all documentation and photos in the description.

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