1974 VW Volkswagon Westfalia Camper Bus For Trade Only in Georgia - Keep Cars Weird Wednesday

1974 VW Volkswagon Westfalia Camper Bus For Sale in Georgia - Keep Cars Weird Wednesday

This 1974 VW Westy Camper has received a ton of attention and plenty of hilarious offers from Craigslist. Including tempting offers for Xboxes, Frozen Steaks, Best Buy Gift Cards and a 1973 Impala with multiple TV Screens.

Have something better than that and this seller/trader may make you a deal.

See More From the Seller:

Meet B'luv! a 1974 VW Westfalia, 2.0L Type 4 engine. Engine is perfect with dual Weber's, Clutch is strong and never pops out, she isn't fast but has lots of torque! Heat and all electronics work, HID conversion Headlights and LED Running lights, Custom Interior, Hardwood Floors, Pop up Camper and beds work perfectly. Checker Board Spare Tire cover, and Room for a house battery.. AC hookup and 2 Power outlets inside the bus. The "upstairs" has zipper windows and can hold a grown adult! Has been in several shows and has a feature in a popular VW Magazine. Gets more attention at car shows than $80k Lamborghini (truth!!) Lots of vintage stickers, Face lift, Lowered, The work has been done in the frame to be bagged and slammed to the ground, but to me she sits just right. Nothing but love in this old bus, She has many more years of camping and cruising left in her!

*Her only cons are: rattle can paint job, needs some body work on the passenger side tail light and on the front nose where the turn signals used to be.

Response has been huge, let me address a few common questions.

1. Although she can steal the show, she is not a show car, She is a 42 year old MILF. She has a few battle scars/spots that could use attention, more pics will be sent to interested parties.

2. Can I drive her home ? She runs and drives fine, has rebuilt engine with less than 20k miles. If you want to drive her 500 miles home that's up to you.

3. Will I drive/bring her to you in Texas so you can look at her ?, no, you need to come to me.

4. Does the horn work ? everything works on the bus except one turn signal, even the horn.

5. Will I trade it for an Xbox........nope cant do it.

6. I'm sorry but you cant write me a check for $5,000.00 extra and have me give the difference.

7. Yes you are correct those are not the correct year turn signals, and there are a few other none factory items on the car.

8. No I cant trade it for a plasma TV and a PS3.

9. No I cant let you make payments each week.

10. Keep in mind, if you want to trade you cant have a lien on your car (yes guy with the Tahoe I am talking about you), if you owe taxes on ANY of the vehicles you own you will have to pay those taxes before they will transfer your car, their rules not mine ( yes guy with the Lexus I'm talking about you), you will have to show proof of insurance (Eclipse guy, you learned that last Friday didnt you).

11. No I wont trade you the bus and throw in any cash for your car, I have several offers now that I dont have to throw in any cash on.

12. Will I sell you the car ? No This is for trade only. if you don't have already have a VW you wont understand and I dont expect you to.

13. No I wont trade it for you 73 Impala, even if it does have 22's and four tv screens.

14. To the gentleman from TN, when you called I told you $12500.00 and not a penny less, you drove all the way here and tried to get it for $10000.00, then you threw a hissy fit because I wouldnt take it, that was your fault not mine. Stop e-mailing me.

15. The greatest offer yet, No I will not trade you the car for a $1000.00 in gift cards to Best Buy and 50 pounds of frozen steaks........really ? come on.

After reading what I have written here , I sound like a total jerk, but I have had three weeks of people asking the weirdest questions ( how much will my insurance be ?, does the car have AC ?, would you trade it for a registered pitbull?), I wont waste your time please dont waste mine.

only interested in VW's older hot rods, hearse, Rat rods,
I will only consider pre-70 cars for trades