1982 Mercedes-Benz G-Class 300GD Military 4- door G-Wagon - $25,750 For Sale

1982 Mercedes-Benz G-Class 300GD Military 4- door G-Wagon - $25,750 For Sale

Not often that a SUV is described glowing for lacking features. With the G-Wagons going Hollywood, not having the bling and extra features just highlights the toughness of the platform.

This G-Wagon is imported from Germany and was used by the German Military. Thanks to Mark B. for the Tip!

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No electric windows, no power mirrows, no A/C, no heated seats, no automatic wipers, no esp and the list goes on and on!

No ..... this car was build when men were men, and cars were ment to fullfil a purpose.

And these cars most certainly did! ... with the sturdy 300GD engine without any complicated electronics, even running on veggie oil, or you mix almost anything with some diesel and up you go!

The interior is plain and simpel, with a very nice and unusual beige cloth combined with a beige vinyl, and it survived the 34 years amazingly well! Also the dash is uncut with no extra holes, just nicely Original!

Technically the car is in a good condition, with lockers front and rear, off course the 4 wheel drive and you can engage all those features from the inside!

The engine is the very robust 300 diesel without any electronics, a mechaniclal fuel pump and no extra schnik schnack that can die in the middle of the dessert

When you are planning to take it into the colder climates on this planet, it even has a fuel heating system in case the temperature is real low or you want to run it on bio diesel!

It's custom made roof rack holds 2 spare diesel tanks and is made in a way that you could even put a roof tent on it, without cutting your roof rack to pieces!

It can be first seen in Los Angeles CA, and then at our base in Cedar City UT.

The new offroad tires will get you out of misery and when not ..... the winch will!

If you have any questions, please give me a call at 1-714-417-7320 or visit their website at: http://g-mercedes.com