1991 Mitsubishi Jeep J53 Diesel For Sale - Yes a Jeep Made by Mitsubishi

1991 Mitsubishi Jeep J53 Diesel - Yes a Jeep Made by Mitsubishi

The production of jeeps by Mitsubishi motors of Japan started with producing jeeps under licence from Willys corporation USA. Over 30 different Jeep models were produced based on the CJ-3B body style and built in Japan under licence from Willys from 1953 through 1998.

Below is a great example for sale from Paladin Trucks in Atlanta, GA. From the Seller:

1991 Mitsubishi Jeep J53
4DR6 Direct Injected Turbo Diesel
38,000 original 1 owner Miles
Full original tool kit
Full soft top and doors
INCREDIBLE Condition Throughout
Fully Serviced
1 year old Yokohama Tires
Nicest in North America

Factory Produced Classic Jeep Turbo Diesel
I have a passion for these Vehicles, and am always surprised how few people even know they exist.
They are truly the ultimate formula...

*Classic Willys CJ3b Styling
*Unbelievable build quality from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
*Unbreakable Mechanicals 2.7 4DR6 Direct Injection Turbo Diesel, Dana Axles 44 and 30, Mitsubishi HD Transmission
*Incredible Fuel Economy (over 35 mpg)
*Outstanding Off Road Capability with superb approach (47°) and departure (35.5°) angles. BONE STOCK

I have had several of these Jeeps and they are an absolute riot! Mitsubishi actually made them in several body styles including a LWB and even the old 4 door "Wagon" style with the rear barn doors!!

From the factory they are happy to run on Diesel, Kerosene, and Bio Diesel. There are at least 40 grease fitting on every imaginable location on the vehicle,

A Mitsubishi Jeep, made under license in Japan is based on the CJ3B Jeep, but with bomb proof mechanicals. It is actually called a Mitsubishi Jeep P-J53 this one was made in 1988, it is a military spec it's even 24 volt.
In 1953 Mitsubishi got the rights to build Willys and the Mitsubishi Jeep was born; manufactured from 1953 - 1998. In 1970 Mitsubishi upgraded the engine from 2.2L Diesel to 2.7L diesel motor and soon became popular for its legendary reliability and added power. In 1988 Mitsubishi started fitting their potent 4DR6 turbo direct injection engine (Compression ratio 17.5, 100 hp/153 ft/lb) to produce maximum power, torque and fuel efficiency of 15.5km/litre or 36.6 miles / US gallon. Turbo is a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries waste gate equipped TD04 type turbocharger. Good torque characteristics helps minimize or eliminate turbo lag. In addition cooling, lubrication system, combustion chamber and the like were modified to accommodate all the added power while keeping the reliability at its best. All this in a factory produced product.

Over the years every aspect of the 4x4 drive train has been improved by Mitsubishi to modern standards. The interior including weather equipment and instrument panel are made to look original. It can cruise all day at highway speeds and tackle the toughest off road conditions with superb approach (47°) and departure (35.5°) angles

They will cruise all day at 60+ mph without missing a beat and will return an amazing 25+ mpg. These are truly some of the finest built vehicles in the world and were built using the finest materials in the world including ultra high-grade high Gauge steel and Zinc plated hardened grade 5 metric bolts. You can take these things apart a hundred times and never deal with a rusted bolt. Mitsubishi claims that these hand assembled vehicles cost them over $20,000 apiece to produce in 1980's. They are truly built like tanks and will outlast most of their owners. See More on Craigslist.