1997 Toyota Land Cruiser With Lockers For Sale

1997 Toyota Land Cruiser With Factory Lockers For Sale

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Best Year For The 80 Series Land Cruiser and the final year before they introduced the 100 Series Land Cruiser. This is sure to be a collectors item! Hard to find with this low mileage. No Accidents Reported. Nice and Straight!

This is the Non-40th Anniversary Limited Edition in 1997. I prefer the standard version to the Anniversary Edition. You can make the standard edition more off-road without messing with the collectibility of the 40th Anniversary Model or the Collector's Edition. 

This Land Cruiser has almost every option available. Including the Lockers. This is a great base truck to either restore to 100% or to build a serious off-road truck. The 80 series has a cult following and there are many resources for building up these great SUVs. The 80 series was the last year of the solid front axle Toyotas and the front and rear locking diffs. 

The Good
This model is in good condition for its age. The truck runs very strong with a lot of pep. The AC is ice cold and sunroof works without leaks. Paint looks good for its age. Very good solid undercarriage about as rust free as you can find. Florida truck still has the original dealer badge from Jacksonville, FL. Recent $2,500 in repairs and receipts.  No Accidents. The AutoCheck Score is low because of multiple owners. However, from what I understand it was passed from a few family members of the previous owner.

The Bad
It does show some paint flaws, and interior wear. It is not a restored truck. 
The undercarriage looks great and with very little rust. There is a small amount of rust near the spoiler on the rear hatch (typical rust spot). Photos will show all. Also, there is a small oil leak most likely from the oil pump gasket, again typical. So, not perfect, but better than most that are for sale and with lower mileage. I have over $2,500 in receipts in recent repairs, brakes and rear main seal replaced. Tires are in good shape but they are a generic brand but seem nice. Seats have been restored and redyed, the rears look good. The fronts will need to replaced in a few years or so. The steering wheel leather has a nice aftermarket cover, but the leather underneath is not in good condition. Key FOB is broken, fin on one air vent is broken. Rear plastic steps are missing. Air Intake hose shows repair. Carpet is ok but not 100% some staining and covering. Also rear plastic steps are missing.

Front Leather is repaired and will likely need to be replaced in the next few months or years some cracking and heavy fill.  Rear Leather is re-dyed and in good condition and likely to last for years and years. 

I have been on eBay selling since 2003 and I have an excellent record, thus the full disclosure on the Land Cruiser. It is a used non-restored but low mileage for the year Toyota. This SUV will hold it's value and it will last and last.