Keep Cars Weird Wednesday Edition #1 1990 Nissan Pao E-PK10 JDM

This is the first installment of our Keep Cars Weird Wednesday. We are featuring this weird little JDM Nissan Pao E-PK10 from 1990.

From the Seller:

Between 1989 and 1991, Nissan Motors introduced the Nissan Pao. This most collectible, retro fashionable city car, produced in the Pike Factory is a three-door hatchback that has an electric textile canvas top, a 5 speed manual transmission and "flap-up" rear windows. Whether you turn on the cold air conditioning or roll back the power electric rag top, this carbureted 1.0 liter, front wheel drive classic Japanese import is sure to turn heads while delivering up to 60 mpg. Even the radio is retro- having whats been called a picnic radio.  

The chassis included rack and pinion steering, independent suspension with struts in front and 4-links and coil springs in back. Brakes are disc up front and drums in the rear. The rear glass swings up and the back hatch folds down to create a tailgate. The car has the factory sunroof, roof rack, optional light bar and fog lights.

This car will come with ALL import paperwork proving legal import and registration:
US Custom CBP Form 7501 showing entry and duty 
Department of Homeland Security CBP Form 3461 showing delivery
EPA Form 3520-1 showing EPA exempted
DOT HS-7 showing importation of Motor Vehicle to US
Bill of Lading showing port of entry into the US
T22B - national and international crime database proof
Original purchase invoice from Japan
Japanese government cancellation of vehicle registration and translation.
Georgia Certificate of Title issued by the Ga Department of Revenue

This car is fully legal for operation on any street anywhere in the United States. See more on the seller's Facebook Page.