Keep Cars Weird Wednesday #3 - 1991 Ford Fiesta Chick Magnet $500

Keep Cars Weird Wednesday #3 - Ford Fiesta Chick Magnet $500

I'm not sure how we could test this seller's theory on his 1991 Ford Fiesta about it aiding men in attracting women. However, for $500, it may be worth a shot.


From the Seller on Craigslist.

I got a absolutely mint condition sky blue 1991 Ford Fiesta. Have trouble getting ladies? in this bad boy you won't. I have pulled some serious tail in this American made muscle car and there is plenty of room to get jiggly with whatevery classy broad you get drunk enough to come home with you. Moving back to Philly the best place on earth. Call me ASAP I added a picture of myself so you know I'm legit. no rust new tires and brakes oil change 1000 miles ago never had a problem.