Muscle Car Monday #2 - 1965 Ford Mustang Restomod For Sale

Muscle Car Monday #2 - 1965 Ford Mustang Restomod For Sale

Great looking Restomod 1965 Mustang. I like this restomod because it looks very subtle and still vintage. Plus the price is reasonable at $18,500.

See more from Craigslist.

From the Seller:

Listing for sale my beautiful 1965 Ford Mustang Coupe. I've had this car for 12 years and have spent all of that tuning this car into one of the best driving vintage mustangs on the road. I have spent considerable time devising a plan that allows this car to look and feel like a vintage car but handle like a modern car. 

I have spared no expense in turning this vintage muscle car from a sloppy-unibody Mustang into a comfortable canyon-cruiser. Additionally, I have upgraded this car with many parts that add to it's overall safety.

The did recently receive a brand new paint job, to fix a few issues (small dent in the hood, clear coat peeling on the fender) - The paint job was completed today (5/22/2016). As such, the photos attached are pre-paint job (though the color is the same). I have also attached a photo of the car in the paint booth from earlier today, as well as a photo of the car during the process.. As the car was recently re-painted, the car will not be available for test-drives until 5/27 (I still need to put the bumpers back on, trim pieces, etc. However, if you're interested, you're more than welcome to come look at the car before hand. Just listing now to begin generating interest.

At a glance:
289 4 Barrel V8
T5 5-Speed manual transmission
Trac-Loc 8 inch differential
Power Steering
Power Brakes
Modern/Safety Upgrades all around 

The car has a mildly built 289 featuring cast iron heads, an aluminum Edelbrock intake and 1406 600cfm 4 barrel carburetor that is all complimented by a Comp Cams 262H cam. The car makes exception power, has a nice cam'd idle sound, yet produced enough vacuum at idle to properly feed the power brakes. The engine has roughly 1000 miles on it since a total rebuild - effectively brand new.

With today's tough economy I have outfitted the Mustang with a late model T5 5-speed transmission yielding a quite noticeable increase in fuel efficiency.

The rear end is an original 8inch rear but has been outfitted with a trac-loc differential and 3.00:1 gears that really compliment the 5-speed - both in acceleration and fuel economy.

The suspension on the car has been completely rebuilt and upgraded. Up front, the car is sitting on Ford Racing's 620lb front springs, with the lower control arms dropped to the Shelby GT-350 location for better over all geometry. Our back the car has 4.5 mid-eye (not sagging) leaf springs, and KYB shocks on all four corners. Additionally, I have added a 1 1/8th inch sway bay up front along with a monte carlo bar and export brace to stiffen the Mustang's inherently weak unibody structure.

Steering has never been a vintage Mustang's strong suit, however, this car performs flawlessly with a completely new power steering system (Eaton Pump, rebuilt control valve, and Flaming River's new 16:1 quick ratio steering box.

The interior of the car has also been upgraded in the name of style and function. The car has been outfitted with modern pro-car bucket seats that feature a locking lumbar support as opposed to the old seats that had no head/heck/back support in the event of an accident. To compliment the modern seats I installed a set of modern 3 point seat belts in favor of the original lap belts.

I have also added a modern console, modern door panels, and modern radio.

Lastly, in an effort for both safety and handling, I moved the battery to the rear of the car inside an aluminum box that I think compliments the trunk's black carpeting nicely.

Overall this is one of the best driving and tightest vintage mustangs on the market. If you've never driven a vintage mustang I urge you to drive others before you drive this to see how well setup this car is.