1969 Saab 96 Rally Car Replica For Sale

1969 Saab 96 Rally Car Replica For Sale

1969 Saab 96 Rally Car Replica

This 1969 Saab 96 features a rally look and a rebuilt engine. Saab in the late 60s raced their cars in international rally races and won many trophies. This car honors that rich heritage.

Saabs have become much more affordable after the company's bankruptcy in 2011. However, I think they are ripe for a comeback on the classic car market. Their appeal is being unique and without new cars being produced, it just makes them even more unique and rare.

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Seller's description:
Saabs have a unique appearance that has proven tough as nails and instantly recognizable in any crowd. This 1969 Saab 96 represents this personality perfectly, with a well-maintained execution in a rally car livery.

When you buy this coupe, you can park it on a wooded trail, take a picture, and tell all your friends the shot is from an international rally. This Saab looks so authentic, they'll instantly believe you. The glossy red on the bottom highlights the unique and interesting sheetmetal, but the matte black on the top half of the two-tone looks like a pure competition machine that needs to reduce glare. Plus, the line running the entire car in the Swedish flag colors make this one look like a home-grown champion. And of course, everyone is going to take notice the front bar with working for lights and Hella driving lights.

Inside is a very stock and well-preserved vintage interior. The red inserts in the high-back bucket seats are a nice coordinating color with the exterior. You slip behind the wheel that looks like outstretched plane wings (a nod to Saab's aircraft history.) Beyond that is full set of gauges, with the handy addition of a tach mounted on the steering column. In fact, Saab people will know how authentic and original this interior feels when noting even the details like the knob-style AM/FM radio and V4 badge in the middle of the dash.

While this coupe has never really been on a rally, you wouldn't feel out of place at one once you investigate what's under the hood. That's a European-inspired 1498cc V4 borrowed from Ford. Saab used this motor to take home the trophies when the 96 was new, which tells you they really did their homework in making it bulletproof. And if you've already taken a look at the engine pictures, you might start to see many of the rare Saab performance upgrades, which really bring this coupe in-line with the increased power and heritage of its champion siblings. Add in great driving features such as front disc brakes and the control of a four-speed manual, and this is a standout that truly provides driving pleasure.

This is the best from Trollhttan to you... it even includes documentation like the owner's manual and maintenance receipts. If you're a true Saab fan or just enjoy being very unique in a crowd, this coupe is a steal of a deal if you're the first one to get it at this affordable price.