1991 Toyota LightAce 4WD Syncro Quigley Camper For Sale in The USA

1991 Toyota LightAce 4WD Syncro Quigley Camper For Sale in The USA $12,500

1991 JDM Toyota LightAce 4WD Camper Van

The 25 year rule is starting to bring in some very interesting vehicles. This 1991 4wd Toyota camper is a perfect example. This one features four-wheel drive, skylights, refrigerator, ice-maker, food warmer, fold-down seats, middle seats that can be rotated. 

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1991 Toyota Lite Ace (VIN: YM400013269 ) is a Japanese import with a 4 CYLINDER, 4-speed AUTOMATIC and high and low range transfer case. We have Sold numerous similar small, 4WD JDM market vans before, but this one is set apart by its super-cool pop-up skylights and sliding sunshades. 
The van is in the great condition and runs as good as it looks, and we LIKE the large 4WD graphics and faired-in headlights. Driving these types of extreme cab-forward vans takes a bit of getting used to around corners, but it's easily mastered in a few miles and pivoting around somewhere underneath your seat can be fun. The interior is heavily customizable with several foldaway jump seats and a middle row which can be positioned forward, rearward or facing outward toward the sliding door as seen here. Skylights pop-up and can also be removed completely, and interesting sliding sunshades provide sun protection when wanted.

The centrally located Powered by 3Y-U 2.0L engine rated at 95Hp this van will easily cruse at 75MPH and getting over 22MPG , it runs great like you would expect with any Toyota with only 55,000 miles. 

These little vans make great long-distance campers, and we've seen several down from Canada being used for that very purpose. Hopefully someone will put this one to similar use, and really rack up the miles in search of new vistas.