1996 BMW 318ti California Top Edition Manual Transmission For Sale

1996 BMW 318ti California Top Edition Manual Transmission For Sale

BMW 318ti with California Top For Sale

The BMW 318ti was not a success for BMW in America. At the time the SUV ruled supreme. So, a smaller BWM with a hatchback was ahead of it's time. Now the 318ti has come into it's own. The styling has aged well. It is quick enough, gets good gas mileage and it handles like a BMW should. 

The 318ti was offered with a California Package option. This was a power sliding canvas roof that opened up the top of the car. Not quite a convertible but still cool open air driving. Cars with that option are very rare and not often for sale. It is estimated that only 1,200 California editions were produced from 1996 to 1999 or 5% of production. Many of those were with the automatic transmission, this car for sale has the manual transmission. 

This car is rare but the real unicorn is the BMW 318ti Club Sport with the California Package. If you have one of those for sale, please contact us.


No BMW 318ti had both the California Package and the ClubSport Package. Thanks to Andrew for the information. We are still interested in any ClubSport or California Edition 318tis.

See more from the seller Bimmers R US in St. Louis, MO USA. 1-314-752-3800 or email them.

BWM 318ti with California Edition Top