Great Deal On a 80 Series Land Cruiser 1994 FZJ80 - $1,500$1,500

Great Deal On a 80 Series Land Cruiser 1994 FZJ80 $1,500

This looks like a great deal on the famous 80 series Land Cruiser. The 80 series is the last Toyota 4x4 with a solid axel.

See more on Craigslist and I would be there myself, If I didn't already own 2 Land Cruisers.

Up for sale is my 1994 Land Cruiser FJ80. It's an automatic with high/low transfer. It has the optional power sunroof. AC still blows cold. The motor runs rough because it has a bad fuel injector. I don't have the time or money to replace it. The rough running is causing it to not pass smog, hence the low price. It starts, run and drives, but needs to be warmed up for a few minutes before it will drive well. 

The body has 204k on it. The previous owner out in a newer motor and it currently has about 75k on it. It had a valve adjustment, new plugs, wires, MAF meter and boot installed by a local shop approximately 5k miles ago. 

I have a set of OEM 16 inch wheels with no tires if you want. I have pink slip in hand and I am rather motivated to sell. It does great offroad and would make a good overland / off road truck. Feel free to text, email or call me with any questions. If texting or calling please do so after 2 PM as I work nights.