1989 Dodge Shelby Shadow CSX - Turbo Tuesday

1989 Dodge Shelby Shadow CSX - Turbo Tuesday

1989 Dodge Shelby CSX Shadow

The CSX Dodge Shelby was a very innovative car. The car featured a A555 Getrag transaxle and a turbo designed to eliminate turbo lag.

The wheels were made from a lightweight plastic called fiberide. The wheels were a gold color and looked like plastic wheel covers. Most of these have probably been replaced. That is the case with this nice example for sale from Master Car International in South Florida.

The dealer is asking $9,988 for this Shelby CSX Turbo. I think that will be looked on as a bargain in a few years. Carol Shelby is the Enzo Ferrari of the U.S.. Give the collector market 10 years or so and anything Shelby touched will very valuable.


  1. Carol Shelby is the US version of Enzo Ferrari. In 10 to 20 years everything Shelby touched will be gold. Including this Dodge!


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