1989 Honda Street Acty Microvan $7,000 - Keep Cars Weird Wednesday

1989 Honda Street Acty Microvan $7,000 - Keep Cars Weird Wednesday

Honda Street Micro Van

Very weird but surprisingly practical Japanese Micro Van, the Honda Street. These small cars are only produced in Japan because of the Kei car law, which keeps taxes low on small cars and trucks. The size is shockingly small, especially compared to US trucks and SUVs. See Below:


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Seller's Description:

I'm selling my totally awesome and unique 1989 Honda Street microvan. I love this van. Like most love, it's completely irrational love. Functional, funky, unique, economical, fun, easy to drive...it's just got so much to offer! Unfortunately, my fun with the Street has come to an end, as I've accepted a job in Europe and need to sell off a few of my prized possessions to lighten my load.  

What the heck is a Honda Street, you ask? If you search for information on the Honda Acty, which is the much more common pickup version of the Street van, you'll find that this is a Japanese market vehicle that was built to the "kei car" (sounds like K car) requirements to keep annual taxes low for owners. That means it has a specific engine size (550cc), wheelbase, total dimension, etc. that were all set to ensure the vehicle was extremely practical without excess. And practical it is! As you can see in the photos, this little van can haul a LOT of stuff! It gladly accepts 8 foot long items, which has allowed me to use it to transport doors, countertops, plywood, etc. Don't let the small size fool you, this tiny van can haul more stuff than many modern short bed trucks! I included some pictures showing it next to other vehicles you will recognize for scale.

Let me get some basics out of the way first:

Right hand drive (that means the steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car, like a mail delivery vehicle)
80,000 miles roughly, 120,000 km on the odometer
550cc 3 cylinder engine (mounted in the rear)
5 speed manual transmission with a standard shift pattern (shifts like buttah!)
Air conditioning (works great)
Dual cabin heaters (one in the dash, one under the back seat)
Dual sliding side doors
Rear seats fold down for a completely flat load floor - like Chrysler's "stow and go" seats!
None of the safety stuff that new cars have (this is a VERY simple car, doesn't even have rear seat belts)
Two wheel drive (rear wheel drive)
40 miles per gallon is pretty typical fuel economy, 50 mpg is possible in the city if you're really nice to it
Currently wearing 13x5" Civic VX wheels with brand new 175/50R13 tires
All of the side windows roll all the way down, so everybody gets to hang their arm on the doors when cruising in the summer!

A bit more about why you don't see these on the road usually. First of all, this is a Japanese market vehicle, and they were only made in right hand drive, so that immediately makes it a bit out of the usual. Secondly, you are only allowed to import vehicles that weren't originally sold in the US if they're at least 25 years old, so this one has only been legal to import for a couple of years now. This car is 100% legally registered, no funny business; actually, if you're in Oregon, it's already registered forever with the "Special" plate on the back so you never have to renew the tabs. Finally, this vehicle is totally awesome, but one needs to accept that it isn't a normal car for normal people. It only goes about 65 miles per hour and you're sitting on the wrong side of the car when you drive it...you have to love the car to be ok with that!  

I have owned the car for about a year and have got it in tip top shape. Every single part of the car works properly, from light bulbs to brakes to air conditioning to switches and levers, it's all in great working order. That is already pretty incredible for a 27 year old car! I've also gone out of my way to acquire a lot of accessories and maintenance parts. Not because I needed them, because I wanted them as I planned to hold on to this van. I've got a specially sized air mattress that is made for use in vehicles (good materials and quality) and electric pump that fits the van perfectly if you fold the back seats flat and slide the front seats forward, allowing two adults to comfortably sleep in the back. I told you this van was practical, it's the most economical camper van you'll ever drive! No need for a tent. The van also has curtain rods installed if you want more privacy and want to give it that totally JDM touch. I've got an English service manual so service is straightforward. I've got a bunch of spare parts that are regular maintenance items the car may need someday...just in case! I've got so much...sheesh, I should just make a list!

Parts and accessories included in the sale:

4 original 12x4" steel wheels with plastic hubcaps and good tires
English service manual
Special sized air mattress with pump made for in-vehicle use
Curtain rods and curtains
Exedy brand clutch pressure plate
Exedy brand clutch friction disk
Honda brand throwout bearing and input shaft bearing
Honda brand brake pads and brake shoes for front and rear
Head gasket and Honda brand seals required for the entire engine
NGK brand spark plug wires
Honda brand distributor cap and rotor
Honda brand air filter
Honda brand oil filter
Honda thermostat
Mitsuboshi timing belt and water pump
Honda transmission fluid
OEM floor mats
Aftermarket floor mats
Probably more stuff that I'm forgetting

As you can tell, I was hoarding parts with expectations to have this van for a long time. These are the majority of maintenance items that might be expensive to get in the US. There are lots of parts available on the internet for these, since the Acty is quite popular and uses most of the same parts. For example, the windshield has a small crack in it, but since you can buy one on the internet from Canada and have it at your door in a week or so, that's not too bad.

This would be a great vehicle for all sorts of people. Do you like having a toy car to drive around and take to shows that is unique from all the other cars? Do you want a recognizable delivery vehicle for your business? Do you deliver mail or sell ice cream? Do you want a camper van that gets 40 miles to the gallon while seating you and three of your best friends and the dog? Are you left handed and never appreciated having to shift the transmission with your right hand? 

I can go on and on about this rad van, but you probably aren't even reading anymore. If you are, you should just call me because your heart rate has increased a bit and you think you might want to buy it. I believe in love at first sight...do you?